Zero ring tailed females

So I had this problem last night, and now again tonight. I want to build a lemur exhibit. No problem with the red ruffled. But ring tailed all I can find are males. I have tried sorting every way you can think of. Favorites, unfavorite. Everything that has worked before. 2 pages of males. Not. One. Female. Hard to start a lemur colony with just dudes.
There's a few up from players, all silly overpriced though (5-10k CC).

Best bet is to sit there hitting refresh until you find some frontier ones up for cash there were 2 girls up for $ when I just looked. Takes some patience but best way to get cheap animals.
I feel like the system should be a bit smarter on what generates. I paid 2k for a pretty mediocre female that FINALLY came up after half an hour of just repeatedly hitting refresh. It would be nice if the system kept an eye on things like this, (oh there are almost no female ring tails, but 30 males up for sale, let's generate some!) To kind of fill in the gaps
Do you play Franchise mode or one of the single player modes?

Single Player market only refreshes/adds new animals every few in-game minutes. Pausing the game does also pause the Market.

If it's Franchise, you depend on supply, which is a unfortunate side effect of the Online game mode.

I already learned it's best to have animals first, build habitat after.
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