Powerplay Zemina Torval - Power Play Cycle 14

Cycle 14 Strategy

This post will be updated daily between 3rd to 9th of September.

New readers

Firstly, welcome to the Zemina Torval - Powerplay thread.

It's really important that we coordinate our fortification efforts. Every point spent on unsuccessful fortifications or on systems that have already hit their fortification trigger are wasted points. We can fortify more with less if we follow this fortification plan.

We are always looking to reach out to as many Torval aligned power players as possible. So if you meet any fellow Torval Cmdrs whilst in the black, then stop to say hello and check they know about this page.

Status Update

We start cycle 14 with 40 control systems. 1 more than anticipated. We also are in positive CC territory again, losing 6 control systems in the process.

This strategic downsizing may continue until we can stabilise the player levels with the systems we can manage.

And finally a message from our commander to President Hudson and his associates.


Fortification Plan - By order of priority 22 control systems - 130K in merits

  • Haroingori - Fortified
  • Ehecatl
  • Xuanduna - Fortified
  • Orang - Fortified
  • Regira
  • LFT 37 - Fortified
  • Apuri - Fortified
  • Misisture - Fortified
  • HIP 98621
  • Kaliki - Fortified
  • LFT 78
  • Shinigami
  • Gongalungul
  • LTT 8517
  • LTT 9810
  • Tespersti
  • Herthans
  • HIP 106213
  • Nerthus
  • Jeterait
  • Amphisatsu - Fortified
  • Jurokkju

Expansion Plan

  • No expansion attempts purchased last cycle

Preparation Strategy

We have 163 CC to spend purchasing expansion attempts for the next Cycle

  • Our target this cycle is Secoya
  • No one likes spys or 5th columnists. The Warwa system is considered off limits during this cycle. We have regular patrols in the system and will ask any Zemina Torval pledged Cmdrs to leave the system.
  • Repeat offenders will be dealt with extreme prejudice.
  • Please spread the word and if you have legitimate business in Warwa, then contact us here so we can issue you with your papers.

Fly safe Cmdrs!
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