YOUR name in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey!

Bruce G

Community Manager

Greetings Commanders!

Want your name immortalised in the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion? Enter our prize draw! Five lucky Commanders will be picked at random and have the surname they submit added as a location name e.g. "Smith's Hope" in-game.

To submit your name, simply enter it on this Google form:
The draw will run for one week, with winners being picked on 22/01/2021.

A Google account will be required to enter and only one entry can be made per person. By submitting your name in the form you grant permission for your submitted name to be included in Elite Dangerous Odyssey. Five names will be selected at random, we reserve the right to redraw names in cases of profane or offensive language.

o7 and good luck!
Can the winners have any influence on where that name will be put? E.g. specify a system for those who'd like their name to be in their chosen home system? :)
Submitted, but this hilariously reminds me about The Noob web comic and the characters there (Your Name Here, D34dly D34dly and not at last, the main character Ohforf')
Since they reserve the right to not use offensive names, and there is not official drawing, they can filter any way they want anyway. The preorder naming scheme was harder to filter out, and I know I have seen one system with a really bad name (have forgotten which one it was now).

The odds of getting my name in the galaxy in this way is pretty slim anyway.
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