Xeno Hunting, still a thing?

Yes, go to the Pleiades Nebula, I just killed a Cyclops next to Malthus terminal.
Lots of USS with Interceptors and Scouts.
If your ship can go above 450 m/s you can outrun the caustic missles and if you keep your distance from the bug, it wouldn't even fire them. As these caustic missles fly in a spiral, your point defense is not able to destroy it but some weapons may.

I like fighting the bigger bugs... working out on my flight assist off skills using mouse and keyboard...
Just wish we could get an option in Controls to only turn "ON" the "Relative Mouse X/Y Axis" whenever "Flight Assist" is turned "OFF"... that's all I'm asking right now...
Is xeno hunting still a viable way to level up combat?

if so, where? Galnet doesn't list any places with thargoid activity...
I just spent a week down in the area called Witch Head. And there are sooooo many signals sources with thargoid scouts in them, one can't count them all. I was hyper-dicted 8 different times during the week. Fortunantly, I didn't have any Thargoid or Guardians items with me so they just scanned and left.
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