XB1X 1080p vs. PS4 Pro

It depends on what shadows you mean specifically. Shadows on Xbox One X, regardless of mode, are very soft and often shimmering. They are generally OK, but nowhere near as sharp and defined as on PC, especially from a distance. When on a planetary surface, the SRV's shadow is pretty good, no big problems there, but I regularly notice the soft and shimmering shadows in the cockpit for example. Not a big deal when you're turning and the shadows move, but when you're still and light comes it at an angle, you can see it being not very high quality. Similarly, shadow pop-in is a huge problem, especially on space stations, surface settlements and slightly undulating planetary surfaces. See my video from around 0:48 - that shot was taken facing the star while flying parallel to the surface and the small shadows there are shimmering too much... I almost threw the shot out, it bugged me so much.
(Also, the video is a collection of photos taken on X, see if you can find any reference for shadows you're looking for.)
Source: https://youtu.be/qelXlGTwyis
Rats, I forgot to look at this! I should have opportunity to again later this week (I'm normally on a bandwidth cap which means no YouTube). I'm interested to see what you're describing here!
How do Duck,

I've intentionally stayed out of this thread as I have no experience of the PS4 or PS4 Pro. There didn't seem to be much value in wasting extra electrons, where others who have relevant experience could be more productive with theirs.

However, I watched your clip. Which is as far as I am aware the first footage I've seen from a PS4 Slim. With the PS4 Slim clip the EBL & DDS is apparent. I feel your anguish. Please send me a EBL protest group application form.

If you would humor me can I chuck a few questions into the mix please? Sorry if these have been asked before, and again apologies in advance if some of them seem a little basic or patronizing.
  • Is all PS4 footage like this or is it just the slim model?
  • What (if any) graphics settings were applied for that capture?
  • Having only a passing knowledge of how the PS4 functions are there any other process in operation?
  • Is there a power state applied by the sub system? Drain from other attached devices?
A quick bit of google-fu suggests that the graphics chip on a PS4 (non Pro version) is a AMD Radeon 7790 derived architecture, code name: Liverpool . A similar variant is found on the XB1-S and XB1-Original variants. Running at around 800 Mhtz.
There is a Jaguar CPU with 4 cores running at 1.6 Ghtz.
Also there is 8GB of DDR5 RAM available to the system. I'm making the presumption that this is shared with the GPU? Unsure on quantity. Guessing something like 60/40% split? Or is it dynamically allocated?
There are ancillary modules and controllers to compliment the core system. USB, HDMI, Audio, I/O etc. All that razzmatazz.

Is this the same on the PS4 Slim? As to fit all that into a case that is physically 14mm lower, & 17mm x 10mm smaller than the standard PS4, allowing for some component size reduction with technical progression of manufacturing processes. And maintain some thermal cooling. There would need to be some adjustments made somewhere.

However! (Sorry to piffle on) As very similar hardware is present in the OG & S variant model XBoxes which as far as I am aware do not exhibit this rendering issue. Suggests that something that is going on above the hardware abstraction layer that could be related to the cause. Possibly before ED gets to influence the outcome. I'm not providing excuses for the EDL & DDS stuff, just trying to isolate and root cause(s) of the issue.

There is an outside chance, and coding really isn't my bag, man. That there maybe some conflicting embedded, and or software level code that is contributing to the issue too.

So where does this close up. Well Mr Old Duck is considering retiring his PS4 slim. It's probably going to be much like shouting your head off in the middle of a desert, but have you raised it with Sony themselves? It is entirely possible that Sony have hard coded an element that isn't present on the standard or Pro PS4 models, which could also be a contributory factor. The underlying challenge is then getting them to admit it.

Then, as you have stated elsewhere this only seems to be an issue with ED. So there could be a conflict there too. Frankly this needs a far more experienced technical level of understanding than my own. From very learned code jocks with impressively long beards.

It might provide a few other lines of inquiry? But at the end of the day you shouldn't have to be shelling out 100's in your local currency, in that ideal world scenario.

Think I'll shut up now :)
TL;DQ (too long, didn't quote) ------------^

ED on PS4 Pro looks identical to the Slim in Performance mode, at least it did a year ago when I owned one for 24 hours. Also, ED used to look surprisingly good (if not a bit beige ) on PS4 when it first released. The first major update broke textures on PS4 (giving us Minecraft Textures in certain situations). Eventually Frontier fixed this with a 2.4.n patch, but apparently the cost was shadow quality. It's only gotten worse over time with subsequent updates, the latest bug being EBL. I'm not sure if the old bug archives are still available, but if they are you'll see that Frontier acknowledges the existence of these issues. They even declare that they fix EBL in one of the patches, but they didn't, to which the PS4 manager promised to investigate. Instead he quit the team and joined the Planet Coaster. AFAIK, there is no longer an active PS4 team maintaining the current version of the game (though I have to hope there are PS4 developers working on New Era).

Long story short, it's not my hardware. If it was, my other games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spider-Man (both which push the platform way more than ED does) wouldn't look so amazing in comparison. Nor would the shadows have broken on update day. Speaking of hardware, I'm not retiring my PS4, at least not until I own a PS5. I'm just looking for an alternative platform for ED specifically. XB1X is the cheaper, prettier option; I prefer the physical size and power consumption of a console over a giant Borg box gaming PC. However, I'm leaning towards getting a new laptop that can run ED. This is obviously the more expensive option, but I can use the extra horsepower for other things like work-related projects, hobbies, etc.
... nobody has answered my original post - how does XB1X compare to PS4 PRO.
Answer: Not near as good as PC !

I was a PS4 Pro player too. But with all the great 3rd party player add-on tools available for Elite Dangerous, I just took the $$$plunge and bought a decent high end Game PC.
Genuine 4K Ultra HD graphics and 5.1 surround sound is just wonderful, not just for ED, but numerous other games as well.
And there are far more CMDRS on PC.

Forget consoles, go for a decent Game PC and you will never regret spending that money.
Slight tangent - but can I just say that if you get a pc or decent laptop to play ED on, then i'd recommend getting an Edtracker (or Tobii eyetracker) - I can take or leave playing in VR - but, I simply can't do without headlook. As far as I know there isn't anything like that for any of the consoles.
Slight tangent - but can I just say that if you get a pc or decent laptop to play ED on, then i'd recommend getting an Edtracker (or Tobii eyetracker) - I can take or leave playing in VR - but, I simply can't do without headlook. As far as I know there isn't anything like that for any of the consoles.
LOL, I'll be lucky to afford a cheap HOTAS with a hat for headlook after buying this laptop.
After all the pros and cons of various platforms...I simply can't be doing without this in my E-D. Of all the 3rd party add-ons, The HCS voice packs for Voice Attack take E-D to another level of immersion entirely... that and my Tobii 4c eyetracker.

So...PC it will remain for me. ;)

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I realy want to like the HCS stuff - it's a brilliant idea - but I've never got it to understand the Scottish accent well enough to be enjoyable to use.
Works fine for me with my Highland drawl...phrases to avoid:
"Gear doon."
"Switch tae firegroup twa."

Ye ken the rest o' the drill :)

One of the side benefits of the HCS packs for me...they all come with added Star Citizen compatibility too.

Didn't pick up my mic for some reason...
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