Workshop Removals Actually Remove From Games Too?!

Wait.. So, you're telling me that when a creator removes a TMTK item it also removes it from every-one's game too?

iDro just released a new set of the stone cladding and removed the original and now I've just had to spend 4 hours finding and replacing every instance of this item because the Workshop removed it from my game?

That, Frontier is a massive oversight and is pretty unforgivable. We were lucky this time, but what happens when the next creator doesn't replace it with something? We are going to be left with a graveyard of parks no longer playable because the parts no longer exist.

What a stupid and reckless system that is. Why isn't there an ability to download and keep the items locally to prevent this, for this very reason?

Absolutely massive oversight. Such an own goal.
Yeah I agree, I ran into this problem at some point too. I hope they come up with something to prevent this from happening maybe at launch of the game to give a warning and ask if you want to keep a local copy of the item in question. @Chante Goodman ccan you maybe ask the team if they can do something like that ??? Same thing will be usefull for Planet Zoo at some point.
What is helpful in this instance is if the creator post on the page the item will be removed and/or updated on a new page. so you have time to make arrangements. I.E. Unsubscribe the item in question. There are many reasons to why a creator delete's there item. Its not just there right as they own the use to the item in question but the other more practical reason is the item has major bugs and unfortunately the tmtk uploader to steam only shows us 1 page of items. If we say created enough content to fill a second page. We at that point cant access the second page to upload the fix. So we are forced to upload the fix as a new item to our workshop. At which case we will remove the broken 1. So no one else is using a broken product.

This post is from last year and since I have Planet Coaster since the 13th of February 2021, I don't know if this has been changed. I make Thememaker's toolkit items myself and I know as a maker you can change your product without deleting the whole thing. But to know you have to do that, it's very hard to find. I found it out myself and if you know how it works, it isn't that hard.

For the people who makes stuff with the toolkit: if you want to change your item that is already available on the workshop, you need to click on the button in your game to send your item to the workshop. Instead of making a new product, you have to click on the old product and there you've got the question if you wanna change it. You have to click on yes and your old product will be update. You can change the picture of it and after you have closed the screen your updated product is available in the workshop. Everyone who had the old product has the updated product automatically. They don't have to do anything for it to have it.

I hope this will help.
That is where the issue is, once you have created say 4 pages of content. you can only access the first page of your workshop in game. when you try to select page 2, 3 or 4 the in game menu locks up and will never load the other pages. So at that point you cant select your old item that your trying to fix/update. Your only solution is to delete the old item and upload the new fixed version. Sucks, it was reported to Steam and Planco none have fixed it. :(
That sucks! I have only 1 page if I want to upload a new or old tmtk item to my workshop, so I can't see another page anyways. If I have more than 1 page, I will look if it's a problem in my case too.


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It's indeed very annoying if someone removes an item from the workshop.

There is a workaround though. I don't know the exact folders but you can move the items from your local "workshop" folder into your own "Custom items folder".
Downside is, you will -not- get updates if the creator updates his item. But if you are already happy with the item and don't want it changed anyway you can freely move the item and keep them until the end of time :)
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