Wolves still fighting too much

Just had my pups age up. First thing my pup did upon becoming an adult was to go and fight her mom. Made me sad since they had played not that long ago and as others have pointed out is not realistic. I hope this can be improved on.
African Wilddogs was nicer to have than wolves before the update, at least they had some pack behaviour.
Now you can hold only one couple of wolves or dogs either, or they will constantly rending each other.
They don't care for their offsprings, strangers or gender.
My wolves fought twice in 3 years - both alpha fights with no injuries. Maybe report it as a bug?
That's good to hear. I'll try reporting it. Overall their behavior has improved post patch, just sucked to go from puppy to adult and bam mom and daughter hated each other. Hopefully it was just a bug.
Hoped back on and mom playfully barked at daughter 1 after the fight and then immediately attacked daughter 2 who had been a significant ways away from daughter 1.
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