Wolves live in packs, not couples

Maybe they can link the aggresiveness to the "overall stress level" (I don't mean that seemingly random trait "stress"). If everything is hunkey dorey it should take a lot longer before problems arise.
Honestly, can we PLEASE get a dev to at least ACKNOWLEDGE this and say something??
This - there's so many niggling things at the moment but they've mostly kept mum so far, it's a little bit disenfranchising especially considering how active they were in the run up to the release.
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This - there's so many niggling things at the moment but they've mostly kept mum so far, it's a little bit disenfranchising especially considering how active they were in the run up to the release.
They probably assume that their response to the lack of positive social behaviors covers this as well but the issues with wolves and group dynamics is related but not covered just by the lack of positive social interactions. They aren't going to reply over the weekend (Frontier typically doesn't) but I think if enough people are bothered and keep talking about it eventually they will have to address it.
They fixed this in today's update! :D A pack can now consist of up to 12 adults. <3 Thank you Devs. :)
I just shut down the game because I have stuff to do and I was getting irritated with having to spam click to sell animals but do you know if this is only affecting wolves? Or wild dogs and hyena too?
Now we gotta see if they can reduce the length of time that the alpha fighting notification stays up. Its constant for me and is irritating because I like a clean UI. Honestly, I don't need a notification for it unless an animal gets hurt.
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I got excited for a moment, then I read that they will still fight for "alpha". Wolves don't fight for alpha. There is no such thing as alpha with wolves. There's the breeding pair, who are the parents, and almost always everyone else in the pack are their offspring. The offspring respect their parents and never fight them for "alpha" status. When offspring want to form their own pack in the wild they leave their original pack to find a mate. That is leave, as in they choose to do so and are not chased out. In captivity, unless they are traded out they obviously can't leave, but they wouldn't fight their parents for control of the pack.

I'm ok with wolves fighting if you introduce an outsider into their pack. But the members of the pack, i.e. the breeding pair and their offspring should not fight. Or at least if they do fight, please make it so they don't get serious injuries because of it.
My wolves actually had decent positive social interactions and pups seemed to stick to mom (with one pup staying much closer). The unrelated female I have in their fought with my male for alpha status once. Overall, I was pleased. Still a long way to go but significant steps in the right direction.
That's great to see. I haven't had a chance to play today, but I'm looking forward to the weekend to see the changes first hand.
Definitely need a fix on this and agree with points above so what we want:
1. If 2 animals fight for alpha the loser bows and that is end of between those 2.
2. If they are all related they are in harmony but introduce a wellbeing for an animal that wants to leave to find a mate.
3. Increase numbers as you would in the wild.
Suddenly my female wolves have become ultra agressive and my game has started to lag so bad it's almost not playable. Not sure if the two are related. Never had lag like this, even in the beta and my female wolves were not fighting like this and them bam! fights and lag.
The dominate breeding pair in wolf packs are still often referred to as “the alpha pair” by scientists, since they are the ones to make the decisions for the pack and breed. Though the other “ranks” were proven to be false (there is no ranks, packs are generally made up of the pairs offspring)

In real life though, wolves do leave their packs to avoid inbreeding, so having to remove some wolves is fine.

It would be nice if we could keep a decent size pack of related wolves together. And let’s say you added another wolf in (unrelated) then maybe in the beginning there would be fights, but not every 5 minutes and not forever. It’s annoying to have to babysit every couple of minutes.
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Until the family tree is absent in the game, the game does not treat offsprings as babies. So the moment the offspring grows up, it becomes a common stranger in the pack. The only way to recognize the offspring as a family member and do not have fights with him is a family tree.
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