I just discovered this after dealing with the flickering problem for weeks.

Between the lenses on the headset there's what appears to be an IR sensor. I figured out that this is how the headset detects being put on and taken off.

While testing this, I realized that covering the sensor (putting on the headset) pulls ED out of focus. I never would have realized this since I cannot see my display while wearing the headset.

I taped a piece of paper over that sensor and now I get no flickering whatsoever.

Can others who have been experiencing this problem try it out and let me know how it works for you? I want to confirm that this is what fixed it.

I don't think this is bad for the headset but who knows, try it at your own risk.
This doesn't work in my case. This is the equivalent of just putting the headset on your head and pressing WIN + Y to activate desktop mode (or deactivate it). Also, when going to the cliff house, you can see your desktop and bring the window in focus before going back to SteamVR.

I think the source of the flicker is due to reprojection. Can you try looking up and down in your HMD while navigating the mission board up and down quickly?
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