Wing/Other player offline while FC Jumps

Can i ask if i go offline lets say for 2 weeks in someones carrier or they do in mine, Lets say the Carrier travels 20000ly away will I/They still be docked on it? didnt get a chance to confirm this in the beta, However i presume this is a yes.

With that being said could Fdev add a way that we could charge CMDRS for travel, Lets say someone wants to go to colonia but doesnt want to do the whole jump star jump star eye strain travel could they add a way where they could pay cmdrs to bring them, I know we can do this with commodity's however an actual money transfer would give the name "Fleet Carrier" a very useful tool and may also replace current ship transfers in a more player engaging way, Even make it like some sort of mission with a timer, that if you didnt reach a particular spot they dont get charged the fee...
I'm afraid you will travel in mine or someone else's carrier if they jump, I have 7.1 Billion, Services will cost me 550 million, upkeep for a year will cost 1.25 Billion. When all is said and done I'll have 400 million left over. BUT all I could ask of you if you jump on my carrier is a donation of 'Tritium'. And that will be good enough! The $$ is my problem to deal with. : )
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