Release Wild Goose Chase: a new web-based tool for discovering high-sell stations

Greetings CMDRs,

Over the past couple of months we have been developing and testing a new web-based tool to coordinate the scouting of stations offering high prices for mined minerals (LTD, Void Opals, Painite).

We are pleased to announce that the Wild Goose Chase site is now out of beta and ready to be used by all who wish to participate.

This follows on from the excellent work of CMDR GeorjCostanza who started this initiative, developing an Excel spreadsheet to filter the 20,600 populated systems into a smaller set of candidate systems that are most likely to offer high purchase prices for LTDs. You can read his previous reddit post here: LTD Systems Analysis (tool to hunt down new stations offering high LTD prices).

If you regularly check sites such as EDDB and Inara for market prices, you may already be aware how these prices appear on the databases: Commanders running connector applications such as EDMC upload real-time data about the systems and stations they visit to the EDDN (Elite: Dangerous Data Network), which in turn passes the data to the public databases.

This year we've been learning that the highest prices of the day (such as 1.6m LTD/Void Opal prices and 900k Painite prices) are rarely found by chance. Many have been discovered by a small team specifically hunting down these systems.

Previously, this scouting process was limited to those who had access to Excel to use the spreadsheet. Now, anyone can help to find these systems using the online Wild Goose Chase app. And unlike the spreadsheet, the WGC app is updated in real-time, so as you visit each system you'll see the results appear on the scouting web page.

The only requirement is that you run a connector app, such as EDMC or EDDiscovery. Console users can also participate using the Journal monitoring function of EDSM. Instructions for all of this can be found on our Scouting intro page.

If you would like to chat with Commanders involved in this initiative, you are welcome to join our Discord, where we discuss a lot of different topics about the BGS and commodity prices.

Finally, huge thanks to the Commanders involved in this project for the many hours spent testing this tool and providing invaluable feedback, and to all of those Commanders involved in the scouting initiative: CMDR GeorjCostanza, CMDR ShionS, CMDR Sad Samurai, CMDR xiba2k4, CMDR Dogsbody D, CMDR GraphiteGB.

Happy scouting!
Currently, we only list market prices for Low Temperature Diamonds, Void Opals and Painite.

However, the economies which consume Alexandrite (Tourism, Refinery) are a subset of the economies which consume LTDs (High-Tech, Industrial, Tourism, Refinery), so the systems that we find with 4 of the desired states (for example Boom, Civil Liberty, Expansion, Public Holiday) which have the best prices for the three commodities mentioned above will include systems which also have the best prices for Alexandrite.

If you just want to see the current list of prices which have already been discovered today, EDDB or Inara are still probably the best way to see those. The main purpose of WGC is to discover Systems which have 3 or 4 desirable states which haven't yet been updated in the databases (eg. EDDB) since the last tick. Once we discover them, those Systems will then be up to date in EDDB/Inara and appear in their price lists, since all of our scouts are running EDMC or another connector to update the Systems in the databases as we go.

Hope that clarifies a little!
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