Why the constant dishonesty?

Starting to take preorders knowing full well at that point the game was going to be delayed.
I placed both an alpha and normal pre-order not knowing when it was due, just that it would happen later. But, I am pretty laid-back about a lot of things (I also pre-odered CP2077!) and was getting just a little 'miffed' over the continuing silence.

Now we have been slightly better-informed by Frontier I'm back to being laid-back over Odyssey once more.

At least this isn't SC style dishonesty 🤷‍♂️
Let me be clear - I am not mad that ODY got delayed. At this point it is very much expected given the global situation (and UK being in a complete lockdown). safety is #1 priority.
However, last year David B gave an interview to BBC or some other British morning show where he said ODY is ready and they could have released it at the end of 2020 but chose not to due to the holidays. If that's even remotely true ...
That's not true.

He said when it was originally moved from end of the year something along the likes of weeks not months. SHOCK! things have changed.

What's with the tendency to claim dishonesty when things change?

Incidentally Buur mentioned that the CM team had things planned for this week and they were canned, suggesting this WAS a very recent decision.
Pretty sure this is the interview OP was talking about. It was indeed said that the delay would be just a few days. (edit: "only a small number of days")

But then again, this interview is several months old and things changed since then.
What a complete masterpiece of a game, though. :)
I have something like 127 hours on Portal 2 played (and re-played)...
Total mind-screwing puzzles toward the end, made even more fun as the voice actor who plays Wheatley happens to be from my neck of the world so the accent is immediately recognisable 🥳
Starting to take preorders knowing full well at that point the game was going to be delayed.
Much better than what OP said, especially since they provided no link to a source for their claim.

This is a troubling point that you raise. The time difference between them putting Odyssey for pre-order and saying that it was coming early 2021 only for a month later to say its going to be longer.

I suppose it all depends on how much you are willing to be flexible over what they meant by early 2021 and the revised early spring.

On the one hand, if you took it to mean Jan/Feb and are skeptical about early spring being March/April, then yeah, that's not going to sit well.

I was a bit skeptical about the early 2021 statement anyway, so to hear it might be April or later is no shock for me. But someone who bought the alpha expecting earlier... yeah.

The good thing is, anyone who is disgruntled with this news, at least if they are on steam, can cancel their order and rebuy later.

On the other hand, if they are want to take part in the alpha anyway, then they might as well hang onto it.

PS: Never buy anything on preorder unless you know full well the risk is on you, not the publisher. The reason devs do preorders is because people buy them. If you buy preorders then complain, well, sorry, you're part of the problem, you're fuelling it, and i bet that despite some people getting annoyed with the delay will rush out and preorder the next thing that catches their fancy.
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