Why I and many others will rarely play Elite

Last time I tried playing Elite, I logged in on three different occasions, and saw a spaceship all three times. Makes for some rather boring gameplay IMO, and detracts from what I want to do. So no more Elite for me. If I want to see an occasional spaceship, I'll search 'NASA SPACESHIP COOL' on Google images (which I do).

Im 100% with you on this.

Less ships the better.
Was this poor satire on purpose, or was it just poor? Anyway.

A+ on insuring we know what thread is being satired.
F on making it close enough to draw even a semblance of parity.

Apart from bad chefs. Until someone tells them they are bad anyway.

Thankfully, our 'kitchen' isn't a safe space. The remains of bad chefs are just as easily abandoned in the black as that of any others ;) (y)

Which makes me think . . . imagine if we could take bits of named ship wreckage . . . for science. I'd have to start saving for an FC for the storage space.
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