Which DLC do you want to see the most?

My local zoo has two bearded vultures in a big aviary and they have had a baby which can be seen peeking out from the nest sometimes. I've seen the adults pretty close and they are quite impressive. I think they would be another great candidate for a birds DLC.
I was so confused by 'bearded vulture' - ironically I know them better by lammergeier. They are amazing birds, I'd definitely love to see them in the game.
The MOST? Aviary expansion. Not just an aviary pack, but a full aviary expansion DLC. We need so many birds, there's no way a simple DLC pack will satisfy me!

After that, North American DLC. I'm torn on this one, though. We are missing a lot of iconic animals from NA, more than we could fit in a standard pack, but we are ALSO missing any kind of NA native artistic perspective in the game. We absolutely need a build set from one of the indigenous traditions up here! It is a major gap in our architecture and art assets right now.

So I guess I'm really hoping for a standard NA Pack DLC with a build set, then maybe we could fit some of the other animals in other packs. (Coyotes for instance could go in a canine pack down the road.)

As for which DLCs would I be willing to buy? All of them, lol. All of them forever.
I'd like to update my North American pack, based on a few comments between here and on Facebook.

While North America would definitely deserve its own pack, what if they just released a pack called "The Americas" and it was mostly geared towards North American animals? This could be a faster route to getting that capybara, is what I'm thinking. So what about:

Cougar ( Mountain Lion/Puma)
American Beaver
California Sea Lion
Maned Wolf or Andean Bear, but one of the two for sure.
Alligator Snapping Turtle (Exhibit)

Sacrificing two North American animal slots for two highly requested South American animals would seem like a smart trade off to me. I think the Moose, Cougar and California Sea Lion would almost have to be coming in the pack, and while I personally would like to see the wolverine, as long as those first three made it in, Frontier would be hitting the really big requests from NA.
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