What will you name your Fleet Carrier?

Not decided yet.


Mumu Land
The White Room
The Leif Ericson
Principia Discordia
Church of the Subgenius
J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
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Low Temp Mining Corp
Event Horizon
discovery one
Red Dwarf
Angel of Caliban

all in current consideration, sadly working till midnight so wont be able to get my carrier till tomorrow.
"Black Lives Matter" , then I will fill 25k T stock with paint, face mask and Banners. Expecting lots of visitors, hope they don't loot the thing though.
For my main account, it'll be called HMS Inanna (all my ships on that account are influenced by Fields of the Nephilim). My secondary account will have an FC called NFC Hexareme (all my ships on that account have either Latin names or are named after Roman Legions).
'HMS I Grinded For Three Months And All I Got Was This Lousy Fleet Carrier'
'Bloody Sick of Borann'

Might just call it 'Barry'.
"Docking Denied - Servers Updating..."

"Where did you say you were from?"

"Don't you point that at me!"

"Alas, Poor Yorrick..."

"Whut I don't even.. (c 2009)"

"Your mom!"
That depends, am I supposed to be serious or not?

If I'm going to be serious about naming her, I'll be naming her the Saratoga.

If I'm not going to be serious, I would probably go with something like the Sunk Cost Fallacy.
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