What will you name your Fleet Carrier?

Big Harry's Monkey Hangout...Oh wait, that's a nice clean bright station in Jotunheim. I get great F10 pictures of my ships there.

Selling fuel and Tritium maybe "Git 'N Split". Frontier I'll need a neon gas station decal...

Here's the characters supported in ED while considering a name.

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Eye Of Ra.

Of course my Federal Corvette is named Arie's Star Spark and my Imperial Cutter is named the Cuisinart Kitten. Those are the two I use the most.

My Anaconda is named Death's Handmaiden, my Python is named Short Round, my Asp Explorer is named Far Seeker, my Diamondback Explorer is named Glittersteel, and I have another Asp Explorer that is just used for storage of stuff so it is called Storage Asp AX Weapons.

Might come up with a better name. Probably won't buy right away. Not sure. I'll be sure when I do decide (if I decide) to buy one...

My Fed Corvette does have an apostrophe, so I would expect it would work...

All my ships use the "J's" prefix -- it refers to the Jannyx family, to which my Commander belongs. But in Beta2, I tried to enter an apostrophe and it was ignored. Sad.

UPDATE: Apostrophes are IN!
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