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When I was at the uni, more than 30 years ago, one day I was advised by one of my band members that one of the heroes from my Strat book would come to town and play in the local Blues club. Which was located in the cellar below a pub, but me and my friend were lucky enough to be admitted for free, didn't have that much money these days, but my friend knew the barkeeper ;) Sherman gave one of the best performances I've ever seen. Only about 30 people in the audience and full of smoke, but he didn't care. Guitar Man, unforgotten.


Even though he was featured in my Stratocaster book along with Clapton, Hendrix, Knopfler and such, he suffered a stroke in 2012 and vanished from the scene unnoticed, obviously living in a Florida nursing home since then, unable to ever play again. He finally died on January 28 this year. Still got him in my heart, though.

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