What more did you hope to get in the game this year?

If it helps, the frontier annual report has planet zoo listed as being supported to 2024. And investments overall left them in a good enough position to afford to begin producing two new games, so they have funding to do more.
If they stick to it, that is great news. But we should take it with a grain of salt, as these annual reports are usually made "pretty" for shareholders. "Support" can as well mean bug fixes until 2024 but only content until 2022. I believe Planet Coaster is also still marked as "supported". And besides that, it can also mean, the franchise is supported - which means console version in 2022 or 2023, but no new content for PC after end of 2021.
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For content another 3 packs -of course I'd love more and with more animals but I'm trying to be realistic based on pattern. And somehow, one of those packs has to give us meerkats and an African rhino.
I know this might sound silly, but right now I see the months and years pass by and it's just a number. Why not add small holiday related stuff? Like for example Santa could passby at 24th/25th (don't really care) or a witch during halloween or something. I would settle for some fireworks during anniversaries, just something.

To more serious stuff:
  • Different clothes depending on climate. It's ridicoulus seeing all visitors go around freezing in arctic regions and not even "TRY" to use clothes that would suit the temperature. Just like they use umberellas when it rains (or snows? haven't noticed) they should use thicker warmer clothes when it's freezing outside.
  • Easier management of larger zoos. After a while with so many different animals it gets hard to keep track of all habitats and tend to all animals needs. Would be fun to see a way to make for easier management as your zoo grows. Just an idea.
  • Would be interesting seeing some animals lay eggs, and possible see more birds in the game (and overall more animals with each DLC please?).
  • I saw someone write about "create" my animal tool in sandbox. Would be a real cool feature. Since sandbox don't affect anyone else then your own gameplay I can't see why not?
  • Last but not least it would be cool seeing a way for you to acctually visit other zoos instead of just seeing your friends zoos in steam. What if I don't have many friends playing Planet Zoo? And what if I'm not satisfied with their build and wants to see and get ideas from someone who is a pro zoo builder? Please, look over this! We need this!
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