Powerplay What method do you Powerplay hoarders keep your stored modules organized?

I have a bunch of ship-shaped storage bins, and when I go into the menus for transferring ships and modules between stations, the menus are pretty cluttered with lots of storage ships. How do you guys keep your Powerplay module storage ships organized and understandable?
T10 are good
They have lots of internals and hardpoints, but they're not really cheap. They can also take Size 7 and size 8 Prismatics
AspX is good too, lots of size 1 for those Cytos and mining lances and they can take Prismatics from size 3 to 7
Dropship is good too, cheap and 4 medium slots - but require Fed rank

So you get the idea - lots of mule ships that you load them up with modules.
And an inara account to keep track of them
I usually get between 4 to 8. First would be kinda minimal, the later to please the hoarder.

Prismatics more:
1x from size 1 and 2 (it's kinda silly to use prismatics for such low size, but a hoarder has to have some)
4x size 3, 4 and 5
3x size 6
2x size 7
1x size 8 (maybe 2 if you really insist for a combat t10, but you could transfer the one from the Cutter)
Thanks for the OP and the responses o7 Cmdrs
Started the module shop mini-game and got stuck at APAs when connecting through Discord to a really knowledgeable group of pilots. Eventually, now that I'm part of Imperial High Council, I have to get some of the other modules; this info works for me - hoarder with every ship I've bought on my carrier (Xbox) and building my second fleet (PC) using my first FC.
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