What is the current state of PvP? Any rules, banned weaponry, approved tactics?

I’ve been out of the loop on what’s in lately in regards to PvP. Just curious what are the common rules (if any) or banned weapons... I’m sort of aware about the use of SLF causing major lag, but some PVPers still do it. I also know there was some kind of movement regarding use of premium ammo? How has that been addressed?
After watching your vids I'd do what you do and surprise them.
From what I've read ,reverski and premium is frowned apon.
Depends on which bits you read...
In the last year there has been requests from assorted members of the PvP 'community' for the removal (or flagging) of Premium, removal of the Corrosive experimental (hull-tank player!), limiting of Shield Boosters, probably other bits I've forgotten...

If the OP contacts one of the PvP groups (or just visits San Tu and shouts 'hello!') they would recive a particularly warm welcome and loads of advice on what is and is not 'acceptable' for matches.
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