What do the factions say? 2nd edition for 3.3

Is this line said on the landing screen, or within missions when inspecting said cooperative's offerings?

Active Public Holiday, Cooperative: It's party time Commander. Enjoy the Public Holiday!
Active Infrastructure Failure, Dictatorship: Infrastructure Failure is causing us real issues. < Fourth identical one, and first one from authoritarian social group. I'm starting to think this state has same for everyone.

Pending Retreat, Patronage: We've lost so much in this system that we're considering pulling out altogether.
Not sure if this is of interest, or relevant, or new, but it seems (to me) that the factions have distinct comms for beginners (i.e. players who still have access to the Pilot's Federation District). At first I thought I must have upset them, but now I think it's just that they see I'm a beginner :)


(That is Eurybia Blue Mafia, who I haven't managed to get any missions with yet)
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My uneducated guess is that superpower relations and one of the elite ranks could also calculate into this. It's bit harder to test as one can't downgrade the rankings without a save wipe!

In meanwhile, a corporation remarks on natural phenomenon they do not see often.

Pending Election, Corporate: It looks like elections will take place soon.


Active Blight, Anarchy: We've got the blight pathogen causing havoc, Commander. Would you mind lending us a hand?


Pending Civil War, Patronage: A civil war seems inevitable, but I feel that we will prevail when it comes.
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Active Public Holiday, Dictatorship: It's party time Commander. Enjoy the Public Holiday!

Identical to the co-op I've seen earlier.

New variant to an active retreat also found.

Active Retreat, Dictatorship: Our enemies are trying to deny us a place in this system, Commander.
Older entry: We are having to retreat from a system we expanded into.
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I found new variants to active and pending retreats. Minor changes to old ones on my sheets.

Active Retreat, Democracy: We're being forced to retreat from this system, Commander.
Older entry: We've been forced to retreat from a system we expanded into.

Pending Retreat, Corporate: With our expansion attempt failing, we may be forced to retreat.
Older entry: With one of our expansions failing, we are having to retreat.

Active Public Holiday, Confederacy: It's party time Commander. Enjoy the Public Holiday!

Active Investment, Theocracy: Our economy is so strong we have funds for all kind of investment projects.

Looking same for all factions at this rate with investment.
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I've come across this variant today.

Active expansion, Cooperative: I should warn you that resources are growing scarce due to our developing plans to expand into a brand new star system.
Thanks, I've updated the opening post now with your discovery.

I also found a mouthful of a dialogue myself!

Active Terrorist Attack, Anarchy: Commander, be advised that we are on high alert following a number of terrorist attacks. Our security forces are hunting the insurgents as we speak.
Found some more:

No state, Confederacy: We still have a lot of work that needs to be done. Are you able to take on any of the open contracts for us?
No state, Feudal: We have contracts that require your attention.
Active Drought, Corporate: We're suffering from a severe water shortage. I urge you to help before the death toll starts to surge.
Active Boom, Democracy: We've managed to turn this system into a trader's paradise, so I hope you have goods to sell.
Active Boom, Democracy: Our economy is currently booming, so I hope you have plenty to trade.
Active Boom, Democracy: You've arrived during an economic boom. There's never been a better time to investigate trade opportunities.

I recon several different variants can coexist and the messages shown in the mission board differ from the ones shown in the station services home screen.
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