What did you do in Planet Zoo today?

I've worked on the Design of the Penguin Coast that is Part of my Antarctic Research Center and it starts to look really good. While doing this, I've also created a antarctic Filter so I can just filter the Plant Menu for Lichen, Moss and Grass. I've also discovered that the Fake Rock that looks like a Pile of multiple small Rocks is hollow inside (I think this could be useful for creating Corals and Sponges).

I wish we would have the Antarctic pearlwort in the Game (the only antarctic Plant with Blossoms)
The same as yesterday and the day before yesterday, my gharial enclosure is trying to repair after the running routes have been reassigned and given up because it is not what I want.

Each time the old game is reloaded, it feels like there are more escape routes and the employees can reach even fewer things. What was previously possible is no longer possible.
It went so well before saving and exiting!

It could actually be that simple, but it's not and it's extremely annoying.
Huh. Today my tigers had a white cub. I have no idea how albinism works in this game, the parents have had something like four other cubs just fine. It is very cute though, and tiger cubs in the game screech like toddlers.


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Released over 67 three-star birds for the challenge. I've got some more, and may check back in before the deadline. But it looks like we're only at 29% with 8 hours left, so I'll probably hold onto them for breeding and future zoos if it doesn't look like we'll hit the goal.

That said, since it's a star challenge instead of a breeding one, it's possible that everyone else is also waiting until closer to the end to age as many animals up as possible.
Created a beautiful Octopus Aquarium and found new Ways to create Corals. Now I'm back in my Antarctic Research Center and try to help as much as possible with the Challenge
Thanks! Means a lot. It's funny, I'm experiencing what I think you also mentioned some months ago: I'm starting to have fun by just building stuff and not particularly doing anything animal-related.
Today I did nothing as my PSU gave up the ghost on Saturday! Replacement coming tomorrow so I will be back on it and will hopefully be posting something.
Today I did nothing as my PSU gave up the ghost on Saturday! Replacement coming tomorrow so I will be back on it and will hopefully be posting something.
Good to hear that it will arrive tomorrow. I hope the Cables won't be too annoying. Sometimes a Eternity is needed to plug them out
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Started work on a very nice, multi-level gorilla habitat on the side of a hill. Like a fool, though, I did all of my terrain work prior to placing the enrichment items, so now I need to re-do it for the plateaus that were created when they flattened terrain. (It's franchise, so welfare will matter for breeding). Hoping to get that sorted and actually be able to place my gorillas tomorrow.

Also played around earlier with the idea of blueprinting a basic pangolin habitat, to place several for next week's community challenge. But the combination of terrain modification problems and not being able to place them close enough together for the look I wanted caused me to give up on that. Instead, I'll spend some time building adjacent habitats for them. The idea is to have a "pangolin row", since they don't take up too much space.
I started (yet another) new zoo: The Lost City. A deep desert themed one with mysterious abandoned temples and such. So many plans, so far just started the front area and a couple of habitats: the Feral Dogs (dingos - yes I know they're not feral dogs) and the Poisoned Well (for Nile Monitors). This'll be the first zoo where I try out the transit system - finally got enough RAm to run it). My work isn't as spectacular as many, but I've only been doing this for ... less than a month (and admittedly, I don't have as much patience as some).

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PZ Poisoned Well.jpg
I did a habitat for European bisons (using the American one, of course). I had no idea that they are being reintroduced in Spain too and we already have more than 100, so they clearly deserve a spot in my zoo. The habitat is quite simple, but they have plenty of space. Also, the trees in the back help hide the penguinarium building. Finally, I added 3 tropical exhibits since we don't have any European exhibit animal that would fit this area.

The last couple of days I've been building a little something again.

First of all, a tapir enclosure with a waterfall. It's not quite finished yet, there are still a lot of plants missing, but i like the way it looks.


Then I finished the 2nd Jaguar enclosure. It's easier than the show enclosure, it should be more of a backstage enclosure. Many zoos that I know have an enclosure where the species is presented and others in the background.


then i needed a change of scenery and i continued with the savannah section. since i still had no toilets or shops, i built a restaurant. I download some from the workshop, building things like that is just not my thing. (I built the zanzibar grill myself)


From the eating area you can see the gemsbok and the cheetah. I tried to make it look like one enclosure, but unfortunately I didn't succeed. Maybe I'll change something again, maybe it's enough to swap both species. Unfortunately, the cheetahs jump down from above, so I had to make this stone barrier in the middle.


And last but not least, a current overview from above. I also limited the construction area. More should not be built on. I hope I'll be finished with the zoo by the next dlc (which btw is a premiere, I've never finished a zoo so far) I already have ideas for a new one, but I need either a NA or a Europa dlc :) (or both!)


Greetings from germany and have a nice day :)
I really like it Fini. The rockwork, the foliage...it's somehow minimalist but it just makes sense. The grill's roof looks really good and is perfectly embedded with the surroundings.
I worked a bit on my new zoo yesterday, starting with the safari lodges. I loose interest pretty fast these days, though. Seems like crafting is more my jam than gaming at the moment. Maybe because it's a different kind of "enrichment" and I have kind of enough of my home office.
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