What additional shops would you like to see in Planet Zoo?

Now I'm interested. Which Shops where included?
From what I can remember those were food shops from different cultures around the world, like noodles from Asia brand, ribs from America, sweets from France, sausage shop from Germany etc.

Not sure if its the reason for not including those to PZ, but maybe they wanted those brands to be exclusive to Worlds Fair DLC for Planet Coaster? I know different game, but it was one of the main features of that DLC if I recall correctly.
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From what I can remember those were food shops from different cultures around the world, like noodles from asia brand, ribs from america, sweets from france, sausage shop from germany etc.
Those sound great. I already thought international Food could be a good Idea when I've worked on my Orangutan Breeding Center on Borneo
I had another idea, something I see a lot in zoos that have a full fledged gift shop are books about animals. Maybe some kind of book stand that would also count towards education, but not specifically towards one animal?
I think it would be really cool to see some larger guest buildings. Maybe a sit down restaurant or a gift shop modeled after actual zoo and museum gift shops that you could see guests walking through. A small museum building would also be really cool! The zoo closest to me (I don't live in a city big enough to have its own) has a really cool museum in it that you could spend a whole day in on its own.
That zoo also turned the tiny cages they used to keep their tigers and lions in and converted the building into a big cafe with educational signs about how far zoos have come since then. The cages are all seating areas now. I know that isn't totally relevant to the discussion but it is a cool thing real zoos have done with shops so I thought I'd mention it!
I also really want to see photo booths! Setting up cool spots to place them would be really fun and pictures would make really cool souvenirs.
Plush animals, tshirts, face painting. Pony or camel rides would be cool but only if they had sufficient space to house them. None of that inhumane where they are tied to a post and walk in a 20 foot circle. By extension a petting zoo feature would be pretty neat.
I agree that food carts would be great. They would fill in small sections and bring in more money. Plus, if you could make them match the area, it would be one more interactive thing in your region.
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