Well Frontier killed mining.... why is it we shoe horn activities?

Not really been mining since the FC update but thought i would venture out...

This is not about credits per hour

so armed with an Orca, one seismic charge launcher, a sub surface missile launcher and a blaster, off mining we do go.

LTD are on the menu and all you need for those are a LTD hotspot, not to follow the Borann masses or the col sector whatever crowd, i thought i would just follow the in game process... Pristine ring and an ice ring.

So flew 400ly out, not far, using the fss to scan and found myself a pristine ring, it was 20kls away but hey ho its pristine, scanned the ring and LTD hotspot, fantastic!, so off i go and drop from SC.

Boost away from the obligatory pirate that just so happens to be in an unihabited system and at the exact same point i chose to drop into the hotspot, and he no longer follows me, like he thinks, "oh thats a miner who has just dropped in and he wont be going mining, so ill just wait here on the off chance someone does drop into the remote part of the universe into a mining hotspot already full of tasty cargo rather than just limpets... my kids will go hungry tonight because im a moron!"

Pirate mentality lol

anyway, so armed with the PWS i though armed to the teeth with prospectors, and all the tools, i just need to find glowing rocks this time, what could go wrong?

Well i will tell you want could go wrong... 1hr 45 minutes i spent drifting through that sad LTD hotspot, resetting the instance 3 times just in case, but over 100 rocks examined and yes i found cores and sub surface deposits galore... but Water, Methlate clagnuts, and more water.

for my efforts i did find a handful of LTD "special" asteroids and claimed about 20T if that from them as they were of course all low yield and had just the one sub surface deposit and wew always LTD + 80% minimum clagnuts so each fragment wasnt even pure...

so i flew back, thought sod that and thanks for a wasted 2 hours, got the cutter out and fighter exploited for 20 minutes for 100T of LTD from a mapped rock

so we can all probably sit here and say "nerf the SLF trick, fix it"

but i say "FIX MINING" fix the bleeding basics jesus... how unrewarding it is to go to a LTD hotspot and find nothing but water after water, even if every rock i found was LTD the rate i would be harvesting them in is nothing compared to taking opportunities left in the game

we all focus on these edge cases far too much and miss the actual problem in the game, so mutli double, triple hotspot mining becomes the only way to mine, because the nerfs frontier apply absolutely destroy casual outside of double and triple hotspot mining.

i sometimes have no hope for the future of ED...
How bout VO mining? That's what I did before the LTD's were the hot item.
I'm not somebody who covets vast amounts of wealth in this game so I don't feel the need to mine ad nauseam.

So mining is is an occasional pastime.....plus the pulsewave noise grows aggravating after a time.

I know it's there if I need fat stacks but until then, pocket change from more vigorous pursuits will do.
I just returned tonight - had deliberately left the game to one side since before carriers were released to let things settle in. Saw the "hoo hah" about sub surface mining and how it was "nerfed" - but as I'd been doing laser mining before thought, might give that a try - so tossed off one of the lasers and put the missile in it's place.
Worked quite well - was alternating between both types and it seemed to work well especially as many rocks were amenable to both types - had some hi and low rng but evened out. First run out I took kit for core's as well , but saw none so second trip out didnt bother with it.
Quite liked being able to play the market a bit on sale as well - used both carriers and stations to get me the best price (using Inara) selling LTD's and Tritium - result was about the same as I was getting before carriers when mining with laser at Borann for LTD's only.
This in a Python kitted out with a meagre 128 ton of cargo space and still outfitted for combat (I find killing the pirates a handy source of materials - save's a run to Dav's) - came out to just shy of 200,000,000cr for 2 runs over the course of about 5 hours of general play that included changing ship loadouts, exploring and various other odds n ends.
Strikes me as fairly decent return on the investment - only saw one minor bug where I was initially going to "sink" through the landing pad on a carrier I landed on - pulled up and came in again seemed to sort it. Otherwise framerates were fine throughout and network seemed to be holding up ok.
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