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Hello Operatives,

Welcome to the Lemnis Gate PC BETA! We are so excited for you to join us in the loop for the next five days. Today we'll be sharing information about how long the PC BETA will last, what you will have access to, and most importantly: how you can join. Let's get started!

Lemnis Gate BETA - When you can play and what you can play

First, let's quickly recap about what you'll have access to in the BETA and when you can play:

The PC BETA kicks off today, 22 July at 18:00 BST and ends on 26 July 18:00 BST. As we've mentioned before, the BETA is PC only and is free to join , but you need to get your hands on a Steam key.

Here's what you will have access to during the BETA:
  • All 7 operatives, each equipped with their own unique weapons and skills. Every operative brings something different to the team, giving you endless possibilities for anything your opponent can throw at you! Get ready and prepare your strategies in advance by checking out some of their abilities in this YouTube Playlist.
  • 2 Game Modes: Retrieve XM and Domination
    • Retrieve XM tasks you with retrieving XM and bringing it back to your spawn point. Whoever has secured the most XM by the end of the final round will be declared the winner
    • Domination tasks you with activating and claiming Particle Accelerators spread across the map. The winner is decided by who controls the most Accelerators at the end of the final round.
  • 4 Maps:
    • Quarry (Retrieve XM)
    • Tectonic Wells (Retrieve XM)
    • The Arbor (Domination)
    • Chimera (Domination)
The remaining Game Modes and maps will be available in the full game.

You will also have access to the following Match Types in the Lemnis Gate BETA:
  • 1v1 Turn Based - Each player takes turns adding operatives into the time loop
  • 2v2 Turn Based - Each player takes turns adding operatives into the time loops one at a time in teams of 2
  • 2v2 Teammates Play Together - Both players act at the same time on one team, and then the other team get to do the same on their turn.
  • 1v1 Turn Based local – Play with your friends at home either by swapping seats or passing the controller back and forth!
  • 2v2 Turn Based Local – Play with your friends at home either by swapping seats or passing the controller between all 4 of you!
How do I join?

The Lemnis Gate BETA is playable on PC through Steam and will be free to everyone who wants to join.

There are three main ways to get a key for the Lemnis Gate BETA: Twitter, Discord and Twitch drops.
  • To claim a Steam key via Twitter you need to send a tweet to @LemnisGateGame on Twitter with the following hashtag: #ActivateTheGate. You will then automatically get a DM with a Steam key. You can only redeem one key per account!
  • You can also claim a Steam key on our Discord server. Once you've joined the Discord server you can go to (CHANNEL) and enter !ActivateTheGate, and our Discord bot will automatically DM you a key. As with Twitter, you can only redeem one key per account.
  • You can get a Steam key for the Lemnis Gate BETA through Twitch Drops. Watching select content creators who stream Lemnis Gate during the BETA will let you earn a Steam key.
  • We are collaborating with Intel on distributing Steam keys. Go to the following link to get a key.
  • We are also collaborating with HyperX on distributing Steam keys. Head to the HyperX Discord Server to get a key.
When you have your Lemnis Gate Steam key you have to activate it in Steam in order to play.

Here's how to activate your key:
  • Launch Steam and log into your Steam account
  • Click the Games Menu
  • Choose "Activate a Product on Steam"
  • Follow the instructions in the window that pops up
Once the game has been downloaded you can start playing until the BETA ends!

BETA exclusives

During the BETA you'll have the opportunity to earn exclusive Operative and weapons skins for all playable Operatives (and the Reconnaissance Drone!). These skins are inspired by the Chameleon Company, a legendary unit famed for activating the first leg of the Quantum Highway. Unlocking these skins will also give you a small glimpse at the game's progression system, which will be expanded further in the full game.

The Chameleon Company skins are exclusive to the BETA and you can gradually unlock them as you play. Any skins you unlock will still be available to you in the full game at launch.

We hope you're now feeling ready to join the Lemnis Gate BETA on 22 July. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our community team via our social channels: Join the Lemnis Gate Discord Server, or follow Lemnis Gate on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We will see you in the loop, Operatives!
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