Watch for Wsorrim (neither naming nor shaming)

Hey, found out recently that another of my squadron mates actually made the trip to Beagle point. She is on her way back and apparently has many broken ship parts but is trying anyway. If anyone comes across her, be sure to wave at least. I don't think anyone can fix internals, just hull. Seems she made the trip without an AFMU. She made it to the point. Her biggest concern is she won't be able to dock, I told her about the reboot that might fix her docking computer to actually function again.

She is currently in the formarian frontier trying to get back to Explorer's Anchorage.

Honestly I thought all my wingmates bailed on this trip, or I'd be out there still helping her myself instead of indirectly with advise from 50kly away.
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You know, I don't know. She tends to run into stars a lot. I've told her about the hull seals. I can mention it again.
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