Want to engineer Beam Lasers

Around 45 jumps I think, the tritium usage will depend on the mass of the stuff on the carrier.
Wow. Really? 22k LY, and that will be 15hrs @ 3 jumps an hour, 1 500ly jump every 20 mins.

how long does it take people to get there in a 40-50LY jump range ship with A rated Fuel Scoop? 1 jump a minute, 22k / 40ly = 550 jumps x 1 min = 550 mins /60 = about 9 1/4 hrs. Say 10 hrs, maybe 12 tops with extra fuel scoop stops?

Or am I missing something on time to travel to Colonia from the bubble?
I had been experimenting with TC beams after watching Morbad slice through a CZ in a Vulture so I was already considering how to make TC work when I read this :)

Tried long range and efficient beams on my PvE FdL, both fixed. I mothballed the long range ones as the distro draw was to much and the damage output was dramatically reduced because of it. The efficient ones run forever and it takes much less time to kill the target even if they stay in the 1-1.5km range. I have a high-cap corrosive multi to apply the damage boost once the shields drop. With this setup I can run 3-4 high CZ before I have to go for refueling or repairs. Usually my beams are TC for the free extra 60% damage.
Prompted by your post I put the same 4x fixed beams (efficient, TC) and a spare C4 gimbaled multi (long range corrosive) on one of my FDL hulls & had a successful test in one of my minor wars. I need to work on some of the modules integrity so I can make more use of the extra heat dps and engineer up a new C4 multi for it because long range is wasted on this but definitely a step in the right direction for working in hostile territory, thank you :)
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