Release Voice attack can not enter search field in galaxy map (HOTAS)

I'm trying to build a script that reads a text file and line by line to automatically feed waypoints, for example to plan a neutron highway route. Now the scripting is not a problem (I use Python to copy the text and delete the line). However, pasting the text in the search box in the galaxy map will not work.

I use a Thrustmaster joystick and the only way to "activate" the search box is by pressing the trigger. No other keystroke will let me highlight search to be able to paste the text in. Is there any way around this besided using something like vjoy?

Also I am having some issues navigating menus. I use HCS voice pack and the buttons for UI left up down right are all combinations of [L alt] [R alt] and more of these strange things. But when I press both ALT keys it pans the galaxy map. I guess I can just rebind it to something else though.

Anyone of you have some tips for me?
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