Video Tutorial on how to make plank look more natural/alive

Do you feel tired of the perfectly square/rectangular planks/boxes/pallets of wood?

You can see this tutorial to give some character to your wood items!


Cute, isn't it? Of course it is rather cartoonish there, but I think Planco is still cartoonish, but maybe less than that. Of course, you can keep it cartoonish to make it appear fake wood item for themeing area in the park!

I hope you will like this video share.
Now I have watched all 5 (I think it was 5) videos and oh... from looking like "maybe that's doable" to.. "oh my this is time consuming" :D But yeah, it is at least a good insight in how it should be done. :) At least this was the first introducing to me to do the different layers of normals, ambient occlusion and what have you. So much fiddling.... :O At least gave me much more respect to serious modelers!
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