Very disappointed about the lack of "individualism" among animals

We were promised early on individualism among animals, as for the individual personalities, i dont really notice much of any difference between each animal, however it seems that the individual patterning among animals only applies to male and female differences. I observed the african wild dogs to confirm my suspicions and low and behold ALL my females had the same patterns as each other and ALL my males had the same patters as each other. Also all the male lions i put down look exactly the same, same colours, same mane length, its quite disappointing. Don't get me wrong I love the game I just got so hyped and was let down. Hopefully Frontier can comment on this, maybe its not fully implemented in the game yet I don't know.
I can agree. But I've seen this in slight variations. I've had tigers that had more muted coats and more vibrant coats.Obviously, albino animals are in the game but I would really like slight but noticeable pattern variation in some animals or even more advanced AI.

Maybe have some animals more aggressive, some more skittish, etc. while still keeping general behaviors / dispositions.
After the patch I did see a difference in my wolf pups. One pup would go farther from mom, the other stuck closer and would turn around and go back to mom sooner than the other pup. This was consistant. Little things like that really bring the game to life and I hope we see more of it.
Oh this is really cool to hear! I’ll have to check it out for myself.
Oh this is really cool to hear! I’ll have to check it out for myself.
The mom seems to have only 2 options to play with the pups, at least as far as I've seen. Pushing them over and kind playfully pawing at them and dropping a chew toy at them. I'm hoping maybe there are more or they will add a bit of variety. If you see any others please update us. I'd also really, really love to see them sleeping together. Right now they sleep near each other but not actually cuddled up for warmth even if I make the habitat too cold.
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