Release v1.2.0 elgato stream deck button plugin for elite dangerous

I don't know what version you were using before and if you were using horizons or odyssey?

As I wrote, the plugin will not work correctly with your current configuration.
(missing keyboard bindings for ship functions and a binds file without on-foot data definitions)
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I'm just starting out with this, having received a Stream Deck XL today and I haven't read all the pages in this thread, but I want to ask a basic question. Is there a starting configuration that has everything included, with the icons, bindings, ready to go out of the box, using some default bindings? It looks like everyone uses the Elgato Stream Deck app to program their own, using one of the icon sets that's around. Everyone is doing their own layout and bindings?
I use a Logitech X52 and the X52 programming software with my own bindings set for each of the three modes plus the pinkie switch. So, I have six times the number of buttons in the HOTAS programmed for flight, foot, SRV. The software sends keyboard commands to ED. My question is, where do I set the key that the Stream Desk (SD) button sends? For example, open cargo scoop for me is pinkie + T4 in Mode one. That sends the Home keypress to ED, where my custom binding has that bound to the cargo scoop. How do I set the Home key to the SD button that I configure for cargo scoop using the Elgato software? Or, is that fixed, and I have to use the keyboard+mouse binding that comes with ED?

Thank you.
  • the plugin does not contain any example profiles
  • you will need to add a (secondary) keyboard binding for every function that you want to use on the streamdeck
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  • the plugin dies not contain any example profiles
  • you will need to add a (secondary) keyboard binding for every function that you want to use on the streamdeck
Are the keyboard bindings from a set that comes with ED? Or, do I need to use the Stream Deck Key Creator to define the keystroke that goes with a Deck button and then bind that keystroke in ED?
no, you just need to add a key (any key ) in elite dangerous to that function. that is all
Super, thanks. All my HOTAS functions have keystrokes defined. That's how the Logitech HOTAS software works. HOTAS sends a command to the HOTAS software, which sends a keystroke to ED. It's a complicating layer of abstraction, but necessary to get the mode wheel to work, AFAIK.

Your plugin is very cool. I sure appreciate your work. This is going to simplify my HOTAS configuration and make it more fun to play.
If I want to create new actions, for example for the DSS, do I need to learn to use the Elgato SDK?

Thank you.

Edit: Okay, I'm starting to realize that there isn't really an "SDK", as in something like an IDE to develop actions. I gather that one develops the code in whatever method you want (text editor, IDE, etc.) and loads it into the Stream Desk program. The Elgato website developer documentation is confusing to me in this regard. Anyway, that's not what I want to do. I was thinking there would be an easier way to add new actions to this ED plugin.
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Would also be great to have actions for the four panel mode switches (comms, role, external, internal). Is that possible?

Edit: Oh, I see these are under Static Buttons. Nevermind.
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About DSS and FSS. The configuration (key bindings and more) has always confused me. Every ship gets an FSS, so there's a key for that in the bindings. DSS is an optional module, so it's in a fire group. I have questions about the plugin for these.

For DSS, could I use the Limpet button, since it has fire group and fire button?

For FSS, the button doesn't have an action. Or, am I misunderstanding that? Does pressing it start and exit the FSS? Seems like it should be a toggle.
About the Power Button. It only accepts one image, for MAX Pips. There are two images in the Images for each type, for example ENG, like it is a toggle. Do you just use the on image?
sorry, I don't understand the things that you are asking?

you can look at the key binding names in the html files in :


and check these same keyboard bindings in the binds file :

%LocalAppData%\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings\

You can download the source code, to further understand how the plugin works.

If the plugin doesn't do what you need, you can use the built-in streamdeck 'hotkey' button instead of the plugin.
I've finished configuring my Stream Deck XL. Where is the data saved for the configuration I created (button titles, which button, function)? I want to back it up and restore it in case it is lost during an upgrade or for another reason. O7
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