Update - 3.7.10

They need to fix Magenta Krait crashes in all modes of the game as well as Scarlett Krait. It's really annoying when it happens all the time.
Intrigued why the non-steam account I have takes so long. Steam took seconds - 47Mb if memory is correct.
'Direct' account is several minutes in and predicting 10 minutes more.
AFAIK it is because FDev launcher read and verify all game content on disk when updating. Steam just update modified files.
Another patch, no patch notes again. But yeah, since simple thing as copy > paste from log/report with changes is too much effort it seems. How very nice of you, frontier!

But given how it is since 1.0 with patches and how they are relased, more detalied patch notes was only relased just for major patches. But lately, we aint getting any changelogs at all. Not good. In past, like 2 years back and before, such patches always had some changelogs included, small or big, it was always added. But these days... even that is gone.

Even small change at "maintenance purposes", might change something in game... so sayin anything like: "This should not affect anything in-game" but what if It does mess up something?
If we atleast would have a changelog, with that atleast we would known whats been worked on, so lookin for problem would be lil' bit easier.

Just because patch aint "affect anything in-game" it aint means, that no changelogs is fine. Is not.
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Ahhhh, Early Access games 😆 They really need to wait until these are full fleshed out before release.

Purple Anaconda... Sorry, you post cannot be completed, please try again later or submit a support request if this continues. Switching to a MAC, running Ubuntu, on an ARM processor could also help resolve your issue.

starting new game experience for first time

Now, that's funny stuff! Not! 😲 It actually states this! Man, I've been really lucky over the years!

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Did system update (Linux) when Elite updated ... now can't figure who is in charge. FPS jumps from 11 to 60 and back. Hardly playable.
However, Dishonored 2 lost all it's spikes 8-0 and it is just smooth now.
So not really sure what to think.
Greetings Commanders,

There'll be an update for the PC version of Elite Dangerous at around 10:00 UTC for maintenance purposes. This should not affect anything in-game and is expected to require zero down-time.


So with a number of issues reported already in this thread in relation to the latest patch, any chance of an update from the powers that be? I mean how easy would it be to test the patch before release? Or maybe supply some patch notes so we know what has been altered. Not much to ask.
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