Twitch Drops Cargo Breach

Support got back to me and I did what they suggested but still nothing on my account. That was 2 weeks ago. Haven't got anything else from support.
Looks like it, I just went to the frontier twitch page and thought I'd give it another try, cleared any link in twitch's site and tried the frontier page again, and it let me sign in with the xbox account and link twitch. Claimed the purple goodies and they are showing in game.
This works!!!
Big thanks to the legend who posted this!
Unlink your connection in, all the way at the bottom under Other Connections. If nothing there, then open in Incognito mode (or a private window, depending on your browser). Login using your Xbox or PSN account, depending on the console you play on.

Once that is successful, click to Link Twitch, login to Twitch and you should be back at the Twitch FrontierStore page.

The drops should display and be ready to be claimed again

Also thanks to Frontier for fixing I believe
Hi, it's hard in french belgium to find drops enable players...
I will try again to find them but no one is available ?

Sorry, english or american are not my first language but 5th...
So we require another membership of another social not-working site to join in 'the fun'.

No thanks.
No, you don't. Just make and account on twitch and use the provided links in the forum to link your newly created twitch account to your frontier one, all free.
Guys, i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.
Do let me know if i'm in the wrong thread or smth. Not sure which email to contact Frontier.
I watched the stream on twitch yesterday (stayed up till 5am to make sure i watched it through the back soons) but it only clocked 13 minutes into my watching.
What can i do? I'm trying to rewatch as I type this but the counter's not moving...
First, are you sure you claimed all the drops (sorry I had to ask)?
Second, no not necessarily. They should definitely be available for Krait, Cutter, Anaconda, Corvette, Asp X, Mamba, Python and Cobra Mk III. My Corvette is all purple.
I've claimed my drops for some 2 days now and I have yet to see them on my account, with who do I speak about it? Where can I get a resolve for this situation?
Does anyone know if the Purple paint jobs are for all ships? I have the Thrusters and Weapons but the livery is not showing up i believe.
All main ships, SLF required secondary reward..
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