transparent texture

hello ! I want to make a transparent texture but ingame I have a black texture...

I want that >>>

this is the png file>>>

thank you !
_op maps are only black and white. no grays no color. anything you want invisible should be panted black. and any thing you want visible should be painted white. keep an eye on alpha Halo

In depth on OP map and how pixels are rendered in photo editing software: A OP map only sees full white and Full black. All shades of gray more white are rendered as full white. the others full black. Curves can not be perfectly made in any software. As a pixel will always be a box. Photo software manipulates your eyes by creating shades of gray along the edges of the curve to make it appear smooth instead of a stair case. The OP maps take your peaty shade curve and turn it into a shape like ms paint makes or Minecraft circles, to draw a picture in your mind. The fix is to overlap your visible area over 1 pixel in white. over the smaller black area mask. Make the base color texture in which you painted have the edges color extend at least 6 pixels out. experiment tell you get a good resolve ;)
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