Transparent glass, causing BC to Backface Cull, But the poly's are not fliped

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So for a little over a month I have been learning how to import models, and have been succeeding using 3ds Max 2019 right to import. The Issue I am facing is making a Base Model that is a ticket window w/ glass. I have gotten the model and glass to show up. But I think the AL map I have is making other things appear to be like glass, and make the model looked back faced, when looking at the model from particular angles. I have rest the XForm, changed the entire AL map to white with the exception of the glass which I left gray to have a darker glass appearance. I am also using the SP/SM/NM/NG/BC/ and AL Mats all 1024x1024 I know I can fake it but I want to try and figure this out all on one mat. Its possible I can do two mats, but I am not sure how to accomplish that yet.

Here are my Mats: I also Attached Images of what I am seeing

I also Attached Images of what I am seeing
i fail to find said attachement. Am i blind or is it simply not there? I can see the materials but nothing else.

Regarding your actual question: I admit i did not really work with either AL maps or 3ds MAX so far, but to my knowledge i can offer two observations:
  1. You are using both NG and NM maps. They are mutually exclusive as they contain equivalent information, just the green channel gets interpreted differently (one is the inverse of the other). This is because different Tools interpret the Y-Axis differently (causing the flipped green channel). The easiest way of figuring this out is just using one of the variants (say, start with _NM) and if it isn't lighted correctly ingame, rename it to the other one (_NG in this case).
  2. As far as i had experimented with TMTK, it is sometimes not advisable to work with a single material for the complete object. The material combination you use decides which shader is used ingame. This can sometimes have unexpected results, such as uploading with a fully white transparency map (maybe) yielding a different optic than not uploading a transparency map at all.
As far as i understood your question, i do not find it likely that any of these things is causing your actual issue, but i'd like to see an ingame screenshot before i make any actual judgement on that. Did you already confirm that your object's normals are all facing outwards? (this is a common cause for issues when modelling with Blender at least)
To do 2 mats, just make 2 models in the same project and make sure they both have 6LODs and each mesh textures have there own names. Like main model box1 and second model box2 for example.. For the phys' boxes. Hitcheck_01 and Hitcheck_02 ;)

Also id like to see your issue pollys in 3ds max with the Normals for your faces shown. scale them down to 0.03 and show the wire frame mesh. So we can see if any normals are inside your model ;)

Thin walls are famous for casting flipped normals through to the outer side making you think its flipped correctly and its not. scale down the normals and look at it in wire frame mode. if any sticks are inside the model that is where your issue is.
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