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Er, Tromador, I don’t seem to be getting the daily listings.csv when running trade import -P eddblink. Listings-live.csv is coming through ok. When you get a chance can you work your magic, please?
As happens when stuff changes, we had some issues relating to the new content, but everything has been running correctly now for long enough that we can probably call it fixed.
'--fleet-carrier' '--fc' option added to TD, works just like '--planetary' but for Fleet Carriers. It is very unlikely you will ever encounter a station where it is unknown whther it is an FC or not, but I left in the '?' option just in case.

TD cur. ver. 10.9.0

PS: I'd be quite happy if you guys would check out the native gui ('trade gui') and give feedback, including but not limited to suggestions for improvement.
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I can't get any of the daily updates at the moment. I've tried through TD Helper, command prompt direct to TD and the trade gui that eyeonus is developing but all I get after trying to update is....
Command line: import -P eddblink -O listings
NOTE: Checking for update to 'systems_populated.jsonl'.
NOTE: Checking for update to 'stations.jsonl'.
NOTE: Checking for update to 'commodities.json'.
NOTE: Checking for update to 'listings.csv'.
NOTE: Checking for update to 'listings-live.csv'.
NOTE: Import completed.

Command completed.

It takes about 20 seconds to run rather than the more usual 20 minutes for first run of the day.

Does this sound like Tromador's reboot is needed or TD pointing to the wrong update URL, maybe?
TD is definitely pointing to the correct URL.

Does it pull the files if you use the fallback option?

Looks like the server does need a reboot:

Directly from
Fallback doesn't have a listings-live to pull, is why.

Here's hoping the server log has the information I need to fix the recurring problem with the server crashing.
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