Threat 4 NHSS surprise lore, NPCs and 8 Thargoids

I'm new in Thargoid fights, Scout level only, so not sure if this is one of many regular lore situations in Threat 4 NHSS (usually with only 4 enemies).

On signal there were just two yellow NPCs, who were talking about their mission and some promotions... when from nowhere appeared 7 or 8 Thargoid Scouts.
They wasted those yellow guys in seconds and turned towards me, so I had to run away quickly.

Just wanted to know if this (quite welcome) surprise situations with Thargoids are rare or common?

2x screenshots:

It is common. In a size 4 NH-USS you will usually find anywhere from 4 to 8 Tharg Scouts and fairly often two or sometimes three NPC ships. If you have time to scan the NPCs you will also often find that one or more of the NPCs are WANTED.

I keep a couple of long-range beam lasers fitted to my AX Krait Mk. II along with three large AXMC. The beam lasers do not damage the Thargoid Scouts but they DO get their attention at long range. Tickle a Tharg Scout ship with a beam laser, it will drop whatever it is doing (including attacking NPC ships) and come after you.

If, after destroying all the Scout ships you find that the NPCs have not already run away you can destroy the WANTED NPC(s) and collect the bounties the next time you dock for fuel and ammo. Beam lasers and AXMC do a dandy job of chopping up small ships. o7
Yes, fairly common to get 7-8 instead of the expected 4 scouts. Take out the Regenerators first if you stick around👍

The long range small beams are a useful addition, they do inflict a tiny bit of damage on scout, but as the earlier post said, it sure gets their attention😀

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