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NB: Thread re-created at BrettC's suggestion. Moderators note, this thread is about this specific route planner, not about the in-game one. DO NOT MERGE INTO A GENERIC ROUTE PLANNER THREAD!!!

Yes, another route planner. I previously used data from ED Star Coordinator's API, but switched over to EDSM as the source (stored in my own local DB) in early January 2016. The tool uses an A* search through the AI::Pathfinding::AStar perl module. I pull any fresh data from EDM every 15 minutes.

I also have at least some of the 'Permit Required' systems flagged and thus a checkbox to ignore those if you prefer. If you specify one as Origin or Destination it'll still work.

Typeahead autocompletion is present on the system names, optionally as either whole-name prefixes or just word prefixes (i.e. either 'Leo' won't match anything or it'll find things like '20 Leonis Minoris').

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Just wanted to say this is a great tool. It's fast and so far has given me the same routes as the in-game planner, but for longer trips. Even when using the in-game planner to plot pieces of the route, your tool is handy to figure out which star is within range to route to next.

Since this is my favorite route planner, I re-posted this here to rescue it from the thread merge.
Just wanted to say this is a great tool. It's fast and so far has given me the same routes as the in-game planner, but for longer trips. Even when using the in-game planner to plot pieces of the route, your tool is handy to figure out which star is within range to route to next.
Good to hear that. I'm pondering making the output highlight every 100ly on longer routes, so you very quickly know which star to search for and plot route to in-game. Of course for the first such you can very easily eyeball this as it's whatever system has 'Total Distance' just under 100ly in the output. It gets a little trickier after that as you'd want the next star just under 100ly from that first 'waypoint', not the starting system, so me putting the feature in would be useful for 200+ ly trips.
Great tool. Was actually looking into writing one for this purpose too. The website could probably do with a little "tidying" but its great for those distance runs! Thanks!
I discovered today that 'Robigo' wasn't in the database my route planner uses, and further investigation pointed to no more updates working since February last year!

So, I've now updated/changed to pull data from EDSM instead of EDSC. I'll be putting that change live sometime this afternoon.
Route Planner -

Yay! Custom sub-form for third party tools. I also updated the OP as I'm no longer using EDSC as the data source, it's EDSM now.


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I'm so thrilled with this new (beta) forum. FD thanks so much. Let it live and long and prosper ;-)

@Athan: The moment I saw this thread and did go to your EDCodex entry called "CMDR Athanasius' Route Planner" to change the thread reference. It turns out that I didn't have to change anything because the wonders/powers of the FD forum have changed things in such a way that the old thread alrady points/redirect to this thread. Cool. Good luck with your excellent tool. Feel free to update your EDCodex entry as you have done in the past to reflect hopefullly new/updated versions of your tool! Rep +1
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Due to a problem report about not being able to find a 50ly maximum jump route between two systems a long way apart I've taken a long, hard look at performance in the past couple of days. I eventually found some additional perl modules to help me out, and those together with some helpful code from Esviandry has allowed me to speed the code up by around a factor of five!

So, enjoy much faster route plotting now, but take heed of the new note on the page:

If all you want to know is the distance between two systems then use '15' as the Maximum Jump range. If you use the maximum value that field allows then you'll just cause many, many more stars to be considered and the whole calculation will take much longer.

Also, please be sure you force-reload the page to not still be stuck with the old 20 second timeout. That's been increased to 180 seconds.
This tool isn't quite dead yet. I did a server OS upgrade yesterday and there are some kinks to iron out in the code for this tool. Expect it back tonight or sometime tomorrow hopefully.

Edit: No sooner did I post the above than I fixed it. Just needed a later Math::Vector::Real and Math::Vector::Real::kdTree from cpan than what was in the Debian packages.
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I just noticed a bug with finding routes where the distance between origin and destination is small. Such route finding will now work.

It was due to overzealous culling of the stars to consider for the route. Now the minimum it will consider is a sphere, centred on the mid way point between origin and destination, and extending 100.0 ly beyond either (to allow for having to work around a hole, be that due to permits or lack of stars/data).
I just added a quick display of the distance between the entered Origin and Destination systems. Hopefully this will prove useful when that's all the information people want, no need to actually run a route finding calculation just for this!
At request of a user (wow, I still have some!), I've now started showing the spectral class of each star on a route, if I have the data available. See the changelog on the route planner page for some details about how often this data will update.
Due to a couple of attempts to plot a route from Tun (in the main bubble) out to Sagittarius A* kicking in the OOM (out of memory) killer on the server I've had to implement some new limits.

  1. The maximum distance for a route is limited to 1000.0 ly from Origin to Destination. This is more than enough for any travel within the main inhabited bubble (I have a note that furthest apart systems are Quince and Fehu at 914ly apart).
  2. If the setup for the route planner tries to consider too many systems (more than 50,000) it will abort.
  3. Given the above I've raised the loop limit from 15,000 to to 30,000. This will allow for plotting some routes that weren't possible before. Note that if you use the maximum 50ly hop distance you may still hit this new limit. Quince > Fehu with 50ly doesn't work, but it does with 20ly.
I added a note pointing to the spansh 'Neutron Router' and EDTS if people really need to plot out long distance travel. The latter runs locally to you so you're only constrained by your resources, not a shared web server's.
Nothing new to report as such, but with some possible future changes to EDDB dumps, and perhaps EDSM I'll be looking into running an EDDN listener to get system name/position/population/spectral class data directly.

What? No, this post wasn't mostly about avoiding another auto-thread lock, why do you ask ?
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