Thickness of walls

I need a little help about the measures of a wall.

I know I can make the walls 8m wide and 8m high, but unfortunately I do not know at the moment how thick the walls in PlanCo are so they fit together.

And I really hope that anyone will answer this question, before the forum goes offline.
In addition to my first question ... are there any tipps, hints or better ... tutorials about how to place walls in Blender correct before exporting, that they are in game in the same position as the original in-game walls.
I wish I could help on this. I'm using Max, so things are a bit different. I had to move it around the grid dozens of times until I lined up correctly in-game. This is my setup for a 4X4 Grid Wall. The sample is a left/top view of a grid-based wall. The wall has to be half underground for the Grid version (as seen in pic) - non grid has to rest directly on the ground. Again, not sure how this works out in Blender, but perhaps their grids may be similar.

Many thanks for the very helpful tips. The size fits perfect. I tried one version with grid and one without. The version without grid (right, next to the chinese wall) is almost 2m in the ground at the first placement, but can be adjusted very exactly.

With the grid version (left side), I still have to make a few adjustments so that the corners don't overlap. BTW: The positions are nearly the same in Blender as in 3DsMax, maybe I was a little to close to the axes. But that's fine tuning. Once the position is right, I will also change the texture a bit. But thanks to MsRedNebula's tip to try out NormalMap-Online, the texture looks much better by classes than in previous attempts.

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NICE work! Yeah, the grid versions are no doubt, more complex to first get aligned. All the grid-based walls from TMT (including mine), have a rectangle grid blue marker (the width and depth of a wall) instead of the 4x4 like Frontier's. Normal mapping blows my mind - and that site that Ms. RedNebula recommended makes it quick and easy.
I have now another "problem" with my walls. The textures looks clear on the one side (behind the grid line), but much darker on the other side (before the grid line) of my walls. The in-game walls from Frontier (middle part) have the same color on both sides without color differences. How can I manage to have both sides like clear one?


BTW: @spoonetti ... your new avatar makes me curious. :giggle:
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Which map slots are you using on those walls?

I hope you mean this with "slots"
Stucco_BC, Stucco_F1, Stucco_NM, Stucc_OP, Stucco_RN, Stucco_SP ...

It could not be the _OP file, because I had the same effect in a former test without that file, I have added this file just because of the flexicolors, which not work without the file.
Hey Spanky,
I am not sure if the maps are the problem of it. But you could check out MrsRedNebula's great tutorials about maps on YouTube. Some maps doesn't work together (why how ever...). Maybe that's the problem.

Go to this thread to find the links to the tutorials:

BTW: @spoonetti ... your new avatar makes me curious. :giggle:
It will be published in the workshop soon. Be patient. I still have to work on the details. ;)
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Take out the SP map, if the problem persists, then the NM map is in the wrong color profile and the hues aren't correct (surface shift)
Nimm mal die SP raus, wenn das Prob weiterhin besteht dann könnte es an der normalmap liegen, da sind dann die Farbwerte verschoben (Farbprofil)

Lass mich wissen ob die SP den Unterschied macht. (Let me know whether taking out SP remedies it)
Falls das nicht hilft komme ich nochmal auf dich zu. (If it doesn't work, i'll run you through the NM fix)

@spoonetti The maps ARE the problem in this case. There is ONE way to cause this without textures, but it's not the case here.

PS: The OP is the second problem, if your F1 doesn't work without an OP then very very likely it's the SP map causing you trouble.
I think your wall can do without a specular map, but then again, it might be the normal map that's not in correct hue. (need more info)
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