Thememakers Toolkit Accept Objekt But No Textures In-Game

Hi Guys,
i created a really simple object in Blender and added a texture (color). The upload worked without any problems, but the object does not contain any textures in-game and even if I try it with the Flexicolor it will not be added. The textures are saved as .png and have the same name (_BC or _F1) as the material in blender. I export the object as .fbx with the 6.1 ASCII option. I have tried several things, can someone help me? I have already watched all sorts of tutorials and did the same as there, but the textures are simply not there.
I have often some little misspelling like".". And be sure u name your material in Blender f.e. "Material" and the texture "Material_BC.png", "Material_F1.png" and some Material ending need some other to work.
Hi, thanks for your help. I got the problem. Gimp exports the file with a bit depth of 32 after editing the png. Apparently, the toolkit only supports a bit depth of 24. Now everything works fine.
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