Thememakers Toolkit - 3ds max bone help?

Hey all, I have created a simple object in 3ds max with all 6 Lod's and want to be able to add a bone to the model so that I can toggle the colour of the model on and off with the display sequencer in PC.
I've created a bone using the bone tool and linked each of the 6 Lod's to it using a skin modifier, but upon exporting and loading in PC my object doesn't appear selectable for the sequencer. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Ideally I could do with knowing what my max hierarchy should look like.
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Im yet to have uploaded an animated asset with bones, but what ive been told is that you only need to "skin" the First LOD, not the other 5.
As for the sequencer. are you sure you selected the correct type in the thememaker?
That's not correct, you need to skin all LODs.
But the animation itself is bugged, hence why i haven't uploaded animated items since mid-december.
I used that trick on my cage lights, when it still worked.
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