The Thargoid at Hudson Observatory

Im the Leader of the Bratwurst, the[AWE]
I have bad and funny news. Me and some friends was able to bring a Thargoid ship to Hudson Observatory.
Thanks to GladiusDias, Seven145, Nexus160.

at the station

in the station

look in the background

We want this Post in GalNet if u dont, we will do it again and bring a other Thargoid this this Station and may be to other Station.[alien][alien][big grin]
Now if only the station and/or authority vessels would actually open fire... I'd like to see if a Thargoid ship can handle the beating of a station, or vice versa! :)
Yeah, we know something about it XD. Before yesterday, 2 thargoides in Hudson and huge battle. I still need to edit the video.

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