The path to one trillion credits

As long as he/she loves what they're doing.. I couldn't do that mining. They could also be doing wing massacre missions ( heard there were credits in that if stacked and shared correctly ). But who knows. More power to them.

Personally, a cool trillion or so in liquid credits is more then enough.
Its just mining and before LTD were nerfed it WAS EASY to get 1bill with cutter as LTD regular sell for 1.6mill+
(they still do but its realy hard to get there to sell that high)

Its still easy but painite only sells for over 900K

<5 hours every other day for 1bill...
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If you start by getting someone else to earn your credits how do you pick up the skills or 'work ethic' or experience the joy of Traveling to Hutton Orbital to pick up your free Anaconda?
Maybe it's a team effort:

CMDR Marz looks over his roster and makes sure the shifts are covered- "Looking good for the next seven days, 60 hours of play covered".

"Quant suff!"
I was browsing Inara, and stumbled across the "#1 profile" in the Inara rankings (here: A Cmdr Marz - who has 1.2 Trillion credits. His work ethic is legendary - routinely earning 15-20 Billion credits a week.

My question Is this the personification of grind? Is he a dev? does he mine 12 hours a day?
Everything wrong with the game in a single post.
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