The Need for more Ground terrain and plants.. idea poll

This is the base inspiration of the concept of my current openplan nature zoo build.. slowing growing into shape.. its inspired by yellowstone park.. and what i currently have made looks great but many features are so far impossable.. as they are yet to feature ingame.. and they are Terrain types and folliage and extras i feel realy should be added in furture for player benafits.. my wish list are : Shale and Cobblestone terrain, along with leaflitter and pineforest floor types complete the enviroments i cannot make with current parts ingame.. then their is my missing foliage and groundcover such as Rivercane and wild rice for my waterfronts.. shoreweed and kelpweed for my coastal frontier.. a large number of dead/broken trees and stumps, including burnt should be added for the landscape builds.. along with foilage model type of groundcover.. in the form of broken branches ,twigs amnd bark.. as many forests and river/lake shores.. feature this type of crunchy terrain.. of shatterd trees and wood.. be it natural forest attriation or the work of loggers.. be it beavers or man.. and finaly from me currently i belive the spacial effects for water are missing and shouldnt be spaicaly now since update aquatic.. and they are beach tidal and shore crashing waves.. for our coastal animal addtions.. likewise i belive we need a spiacl effect that adds current and flow to our water builds of rivers or even canals.. given movment to our water landscapes.. and lastly as a bonus i would like mist.. and rising and venting steam for our jungle and auterm lakeland ideas and spaical ideas like my geazer feild and that tar bog i once built..

but those are just my ideas and hopes.. some of you might even agree.. but what else would you like added for your enviromental builds.. what is missing from your dreamed works and what would you like added..?


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