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So I've been loving the game so far, don't get me wrong, but I got serious issues with info panels. The main problem - there are TOO MANY of them. I have to switch from one to another every time something happens.

So I mainly use the one below zoopedia (I don't have the game in english so I don't know the proper term, but the calendar one). The problem with this one is that it's BIG when opened. I tried changing the letter hight, but it affected the rest of the game, which I didn't like (maybe "option tab" in this panel to change the size or hight of the letters?). It contains info about animal births/growing - which is what I like to keep track of when I don't want my animals to fight when they grow up (also a tip - an option not to make animals that are relative to have babies together). Also I sometimes miss what I need to see bacause the icon for birth/growing up is the same and aslo there is no way to see if the animal is male or female (unless you rename babies and just know them) - so the sex icon or different color would be useful. Another probem with this one is the actual setting. I toggled off some animals, cause I didn't need to know when they have babies but it still keeps notificating me about them so there are too many informations I don't need. Also why there isn't an option to toggle off exhibit animals? They get babies like crazy πŸ˜‚
What I like about this one is that it takes you to the animal when clicked on the "mark" (but when closed and you click on the green notification about animal having a baby it takes you straight to camera not animal info 😞) then another big problem I have is that the panel closes when you move to "PAW/ZOO/STAFF info box".

I want to calendar one to be opened all the time (if it wouldn't take so much space) so it is annoying that it closes when I switch to animal info. Because when the game is running I easily get lost in the calendar panel.
Actually I don't like the separate info panels for animal / staff / zoo. Once the notification pops up I would prefer them all opened in one window, just separated by headline. And if they didn't close the calendar one, that would be great. πŸ‘


Or how about making ALL INFO PANELS TOGETHER - in the calendar style. Making an information panel where you get the birth/growing up/death of an animal, selling or releasing as steady information with light grey field as it is now (only changing / adding the icon for birth/growing and putting maybe little tiny sex icon to it, so you know who the hell is Ibeamaka (love the names - wonder if they are taken from real zoo animals from over the world or just usual name from that country) inspector icon, which is clickable once he leaves the zoo to see the result from previous years, Staff icon - which would be the same as now only dissappearing from the panel once it is solved (also having the icon for that specific staff - which is already in the game), same goes for most of the zoo problems, so the Zoo/gate icon for low ticket cost, Money icon - well for low money, icon for something broken (which I am missing cause the staff are not repairing them I have to replace them manually) icon for broken device, broken barrier icon, and of course the animal icon, which I would change to silhouette of that animal (to keep the style of the calendar panel) - being darker grey field when animal is hungry/thirsty/unhappy or whatever not serious and red when starving or near to death. Adding the fight icon (which is now basically unappealing, blurry habitat icon - sorry) when there are more adults in habitat then required, and when clicked - moving your camera to the two animals fighting (now you get moved to the gate - weirdly looking out from it not even in). Of course this entire info panel with many options of adjusting what you want to get notificated about - from seeing birth/death to even being able to disable staff info altogether - I mean, if you have broken devices and you disable notification about it, well, your problem but it would be your option πŸ˜‚.

That is my quite long suggestion. I know making so many icons could be annoying but for someone real challange (I would enjoy it - silhouettes are fun to make). Personally my biggest issue is the separated info panels, not being able to keep up with everyhing at the same time. Hope there will be at least some change, cause right now with bigger zoo, I have to pause so often cause of this notifications.

But but but I HAVE TO THANK the developers for keeping the interest and delivering this awesome game to us. I played as little girl the first zoo tycoon and I will never forget the experince. When Planet Zoo was announced I got so excited I knew I have to buy this game but what I got - not what I imagined. This game is so awesome and new and fresh, fun to play and beautiful to watch. So thank you again, thanks to you I don't get enough of sleep, cause I need to play just another few minutes before going to bed, thanks to you I look like a zombie at work but hey - totally worth it cause my animals need my love and all my free time 😍😍😍😘 (lol my cat hates me right now) πŸ˜‚
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