The Great Pre-Upgraded Gear Sharing is Caring Thread

Ok who wants this bad boi?


Hambula A 8
Malaspina Bastion
G3 Karma L-6 (The rocket launcher) - Increased Headshot damage lol

High rollers only, this one costs a cool 13m plus change!
Merope - Omega Prospect
Karma L6 G2
Karma P15 G3+Faster Reloading.
Please inform if you pick this up as a courtesy to others considering the travel distance.
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An east wind blows over the parched and barren ground.. sand crunches underfoot as the space guard trudges away from his colleague towards the low slung mound of the HAB building and a waiting cup of tea.. In the background with the camera out of focus a bird like object leaps skyward, hanging momentarily in the glare of the the midday sun, a glint of light and a stream of smoke and fire emits from it's direction through the xenon atmosphere towards the alien soil beneath..intersecting in a flash of consuming fury with the top of Jim's head at the point of it's termination... No sound alerts Matt as he continues his plod ever closer to the HAB without once altering course. Wednesday's can be so boring on Archon 3 B
Artemis G2 w/Improved Battery Capacity
@ System: SUDII
@ Station: Sherrington Station

Maverick Suit G3 w/Quieter Footsteps
@System: SUDII
@Station: Dalmas Base
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