The Great Pre-Upgraded Gear Sharing is Caring Thread

G2 Maverick Suit + Enhanced Tracking

Dhawan Port / Amitrite

(taken by unknowen)


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Bowell Port
Artemis G3 - no mods
Dominator G3 - no mods

Shajn Terminal (outpost)
Maverick G3 - no mods

Roelofs Terminal (outpost)
Karma L-6 - G2 with reload speed
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@Raxiel and @Aranzi - just thought you should know, I lucked out and found a G3 intimidator so all is good and square with the world and you don't have to ping me if you find one (though if it has some juicy mods I'll not turn my snout up at it) :) cheers anyway for your kindness earlier (y)

Tanaka Hub
* G2 Zenith

Noli Dock
  • G2 Dominator
  • G3 Oppressor + greater range

Linge Enterprise
* G2 Artemis + enhanced tracking

Vasquez de Coronado Terminal
  • G2 Maverick
  • G2 Artemis + Night Vision
* G2 P-15

Bujold Enterprise
* G3 C-44

Arthur Orbital
* G3 Artemis

Ford Hub
  • G2 Dominator + reduced tool power consumption
  • G2 Aphelion

Townshend's Inheritance

Wright Relay
  • G3 Dominator
  • G2 Dominator + melee damage

Glenn's Claim

White Port
* G3 P-15

Shukor Works
* G2 Zenith

Waldrop Holdings
* G3 Maverick

Timofeyevich Prospect
  • G3 Maverick + melee damage
  • G2 C-44

Miletus Terminal
  • G3 Artemis + quieter footsteps
  • G3 P-15
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