The Great Pre-Upgraded Gear Sharing is Caring Thread

Bastes - Shepherd Hub:
Dominator G3 empty
Karma P-15 G3 empty

Kelly Settlement:
Karma AR-50 G3 empty

Tyurin Settlement:
TK Zenith G3 empty
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Heading out for the day and have no time for PMs so this is going to have to be first come first served:


Nomen Platform
G3 Dom w/ quieter footsteps
G2 Dom

Frechet Installation (1.85g planet, nothing too challenging but be aware)
G3 Aphelion

Goldstein Keep
G3 Artemis w/faster shield regen

I find so many Artemis and Maverick suits with combat mods (combat speed, damage resist, hand to hand damage, etc.) and so many Dominators with Maverick and Artemis mods (air, backpack, sneak, tool battery usage, etc.)'s almost comical.

Is it a particular type of station you're going to or completely random?

I have nothing in terms of gear and would like a G3 Maverick and any G3 weaps. I never get there in time.
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