The great big Odyssey Screenshots thread

CMDRs Log stardate 210914

It's time to start the 3rd expedition, although this time we are staying local. My very first trip in this direction was before the Thargoids learned to block Hyperdrive plotting and I loved Barnard's Loop at the time. That was many years ago, when I had saved up just enough to buy myself an Asp Explorer. Today, I have a fleet of ships, each suited to their purpose. I have joined the Fatherhood and discovered a family. Yet still the call of the black is upon me...

Last stop in the bubble! Small fish in a big pond!

First jump out. Okay - it's a big jump: 51.75ly range fully fueled - but still. First Footfall, which means dibs on first discovered. There can't be that many bio explorers out this way. Guess I'm pioneering once more.

Gotta climb it!

The air in my suit seems fresher up here!

Get a small ship, they said. It'll be easier to land, they said. Seriously, people!

Loving the paint on my new ride. I wonder how long it will last.

Expedition 3 has begun! o7 CMDRs!

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When I was a kid I had one of those large-format science annuals (1973 or thereabouts), which had a few grainy photos from the moon and then artists impressions of the surface of all the other planets.

They spaced these pics through the book, between the other articles, and I used to stare at them for ages, just imagining what it would be like to step onto a planet and experience the vast and utter loneliness of an alien landscape.

Have to admit, exploring in Odyssey brings me as close as I'm ever going to get to that feeling.

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CMDRs Log stardate 210915


We tested out the capabilities of the TFS Mina's Tears today. 620ly in 10 minutes! This places us at the Witch's Head. It remains to be seen if we can break through the Thargoids hyperdiction wall.

Our destination looms large.

It would be remis of us if we skipped a visit to the local science research station.

Anyone not coming had better get off!

Until next time CMDRs, o7!

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CMDR's Log stardate 210916


Greetings CMDRs, It's day one out in the black - well, it's becoming more salmon pink than black, but more on that later.

We departed Witches Head Research Station.

This is our destination. First stop, the Orion Nebula! The Barnard's Loop complex consists of 4 different nebulae.

Time to stretch our legs and make sure all moving parts are... er... moving.

Have you ever noticed how the Galaxy has a way of making you feel small?

Stopped for a bit to listen to these plants sing to me!

Quick inspection before moving on...

That canyon was fun to fly along... can't say it was dangerous, but fun. I did no damage, thankfully. We've only just started!

Until next time! o7

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CMDRs Log stardate 210917


Good morning CMDRs,

Jumping down the 2Mass Tube going from system to system I find that explorers have been to these systems but have not been thorough as I discover a world with Bark Mounds yet no-one has landed here.

The L type Dwarf provides just enough heat to be dangerous in the day time. I say just enough, if you stand in the shade, it drops to 'normal' temperatures.

Before we start looking for the Bark Mounds, we spotted this monster vent, just to get a sense of scale.

I feel like an ant!

This is no perspective trick! It really is this humongous! I was luck enough to get here while it was dormant, otherwise there would be no judging the scale with all that steam.

Barnard's Loop is large in the sky - reminding us of our journey...

o7 CMDRs!

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I once went up to 2Mass to rescue a cmdr who'd docked on a strange carrier and awoke in a remote part of space he couldn't jump back from. I did explore a bit, and this planet is well worth a look:


I posted screenshots in this thread, but I'll leave you to discover the beauty. Just make sure it's on the day side.
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