The Education Boards Use Mismatching Biomes


Here's just one of many examples in the game. On the left if the Zoopedia show that hippos live the aquatic and grassland biomes (the Zoopedia biomes are also what the animals show when selected). However, the education board says they live in the aquatic, temperate, and tropical biomes.
This is a very notable oversight, and I hope it gets corrected.

This was a notable issue in the beta as well, and I'm disappointed that it hasn't been fully resolved yet.
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I have found a few discrepancies in the Zoopedia. I dont usually zoom in close enough to the info boards to notice them. Plus, I doubt it makes much difference to the ai guests, if the info is accurate. All the ai cares about is how much research you have done to what level, and if there is a board to begin with. I can understand the aggravation of the boards, and pedia, not matching. But, seems less important than the pedia information being accurate for the gameplay.
I depend on the Zoopedia to be accurate. If any of the info in the Zoopedia is off, it can throw off your habitat, planning, and waste time figuring out what is "right". Especially if the biome/ maturity age, or enclosure size is wrong in the zoopedia.
I do get that some of that info must change, do to gameplay "balence" issues. But, to not change the pedia along with those changes, is a oversight or, and my appologies, plain laziness on someones part.
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